Copies of all policies are available on request - please contact Heather Fishwick at info@innovatemat.org

iMAT Acceptable Use of the Internet for Parents and Pupils.docx.pdf
iMAT Acceptable use policy for school-based employees 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy iMAT March 2022.pdf
_iMAT Complaints Policy .docx.pdf
2021 Data Protection Policy.docx.pdf
iMAT eSafety Policy 2020.pdf
iMAT EYFS Policy.pdf
2021 iMAT Freedom of Information Publication Scheme.docx.pdf
iMAT Governor Allowances Policy.pdf
Privacy Notices 2021.docx.pdf
2021-22 iMAT Safeguarding Policy.pdf
SOD IMAT Final Version October 2021.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf
2021 iMAT Relationships, Health and Sex Education Policy
2021 iMAT Recruitment Selection Policy and Procedures.docx.pdf
2021 iMAT Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations against staff.docx.pdf
2021 iMAT Whistleblowing Policy.pdf
2021 iMAT Cyber Security and ICT Policy.pdf