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Strategic Plan


‘Every School a Great School’

iMAT Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020


This Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020 “Every School a Great School” outlines the goals and targets of the Trust over the next three years.

The Strategic Plan:

  • Shares and defines the vision of the Strategic Board for the next three years
  • Expands on the Trust’s strategic objectives
  • Defines the key goals and performance measures that will demonstrate our successes and the success of the academies
  • Explains how we will track opportunities and risks in a continually changing environment
  • Builds upon the individual academy successes already achieved.

Underpinning the Strategic Plan will be a Business Plan (or Operational Plan) along with financial and school development plans. These plans will be tracked through the year by the CEO, CFO and CSO of the Trust which will, in turn, report to the Trust Board.

The first three years

iMAT comprises of 4 Primary academies, all of which are close in proximity and are rural locations, just outside of Daventry.

The Trust has chosen to focus on developing communities within academies and across the Trust as a whole. Over the past two years we have worked on embedding key processes and securing relationships between all levels of school leadership. We have built capacity in terms of creating and recruiting for key roles such as CEO and CFO. It has carefully worked on embedding systems and processes in order to have the solid foundations upon which it can take the next step in its growth. Opportunities for expansion of the Trust into new areas have been pursued and two new schools will join the trust by the end of this academic year, adding greater capacity to the leadership of the trust and a greater number of pupils. In addition, the trust secured £1.4 million pounds for condition improvement across all four academies. Three of the four schools have undergone considerable refurbishment and/or replacement roofing/heating.

During academic year 2016- 17, the academies underwent Ofsted inspections. The school which was previously Requires Improvement was recognised for having made considerable improvements and is now a ‘Good’ school. Two other schools retained their “Good” status. One school, with considerable leadership issues, was rated as Requires Improvement, as expected by the Trust. A new headteacher is now in post and the school is being supported by other leaders from iMAT.

The CEO has now qualified as an Ofsted Inspector which further strengthens our strategic team.

Vision: Every School a Great School

iMAT’s vision is to establish great primary academies that are centres for innovation and excellence for leadership and teaching, and where pupils are safe and engaged in their learning. The outcomes for all children will be above national expectations in all core subjects. The curriculum in all of our academies will be tailored to meet the needs of each individual whilst nurturing talents and encouraging greatness in all areas of school life. Our children will be great athletes, great musicians, great public speakers and great citizens because of the opportunities provided at each academy. We believe in staff training and development and we want to be the academy of choice for new and experienced staff.

Our Core Values:

  • Put our children at the heart of everything we do and constantly improve their experience
  • Working supportively and collaboratively showing mutual respect and determination
  • Each school maintains individual identity and individuality
  • Value each member of the MAT community by trusting, supporting and by treating each other with dignity and respect
  • Remove barriers to success, wherever possible
  • Nurturing, supporting, developing skills and talents of all
  • Continue to work together for the collective good of the Trust, in the context of what is ‘best for all’.
  • Flexible to changing environments
  • Open to new ideas and sharing best practice
  • Drive and passion to continually improve
  • Our community is your community, your children are our children
  • Inclusion – celebrate diversity
  • Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning (SMSC)
  • Church schools embrace and celebrate the Christian ethos.

Key elements of our vision

We will:

  • Provide extensive opportunities for all children to achieve and experience all they can
  • Build a group of collaborative schools that are innovative and centres of excellence for leadership, teaching and learning
  • Set high expectations for our leaders and teachers to support and stretch every child to ensure they make excellent progress and build the skills, knowledge and attributes that will prepare them well for secondary school and beyond.
  • Work in partnership with families, communities and businesses, to raise aspirations, foster great expectations and achieve ambitious goals
  • Develop a staffing strategy which focusses on training great teachers within our school in partnership with local universities as well as promoting great leaders from within our schools. As well as this we will develop an attractive package of incentives and professional development to reward, keep and develop a team of experienced and high quality members of staff.

Strategic Objectives

iMAT will achieve its vision through focusing on five strategic objectives that will be reviewed and measured annually: